AARP Tax Help

Monday, April 15, 2019
Garland County Library
Room D

Event Details

AARP Tax Help
Personal Taxes Only

No Business, Rental Property, or Farm Taxes

February 1st through April 15th 
10am - 2pm
10am - 2pm & 3pm - 7pm 
Wednesday 10am - 2pm & 3pm - 7 pm
10am - 2pm & 3pm - 7 pm
10am - 2pm

First come, first serve - no appointments.

Library Staff can NOT:
Answer tax-related questions 
Take phone calls or messages for AARP

Provide assistance filling out tax forms or filing online

What to bring with you:

Government issued identification

· Last year's tax return

· Social Security cards for all persons on Return

· Picture ID for taxpayer and spouse

· Checkbook or pre-printed direct deposit information for your reloadable prepaid card showing routing number and direct deposit account number if you want to do a direct deposit of any refund(s).


· W-2 from each employer

· Unemployment compensation statements

· SSA-1099 form showing the total Social Security benefits paid to you for the year, or Form RRB-1099, Tier I & II Railroad Retirement benefits

· 1099 forms reporting interest (1099-INT), dividends (1099-DIV), proceeds from stock sales (1099-B), as well as documentation showing the original purchase price of your sold assets

· 1099-R form if you received a pension or annuity

· 1099-MISC form showing any miscellaneous income

· W-2G Certain Gambling Winnings


You will need to bring all forms and canceled checks indicating federal and state income tax paid (including quarterly estimated tax payments).


Most taxpayers have a choice of taking either a standard deduction or itemizing their deductions. If you have a substantial amount of deductions, you may want to itemize. You will need to bring the following information:

· 1098 form showing any home mortgage interest

· Receipts or canceled checks for medical/dental expenses (including doctor and hospital bills and medical insurance premiums), receipts for prescription medicines, costs of assisted living services and bills for home improvements, such as ramps and railings for people with disabilities

· Receipts for contributions to charity

· Receipts or canceled checks for all tax income and property taxes you paid, as well as records of tax refunds


· Dependent care provider information (name, employer ID or Social Security number)

· Receipts, canceled checks or 1098T (must have) forms related to continuing education

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information

Be sure to bring relevant documents with you to prove you are in compliance with the ACA. You will need one of the following:

· Documentation proving health care coverage for you, your spouse and all your dependents

· Form 1095-A (which you will receive by Jan. 31, 2019) if you purchased insurance through the Marketplace/Exchange

· Documentation of a Health Care Exemption received from the Healthcare Marketplace/Exchange

Event Type(s): Adult
Age Group(s): Adults